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School supply drive supports public school students

For many students' families, new school supplies are difficult or impossible to afford.

No fireworks on school grounds

Due to fire risk and the presence of construction material and equipment at some schools, fireworks will not be permitted on Vancouver Public Schools’ grounds and parking lots this summer.

Book lists

The Battle of the Books is an optional, team-based book challenge for all qualifying fourth- and fifth-graders. Teams answer book-based questions during competitions held in our school library, the Travis Hays 21st-Century Learning Center. The top two teams have a chance to compete against other area schools at the Vancouver Public Library in June! Feel free to email Ms. Jordan with questions at

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SasquatchReadingAward Sasquatch Book List 2015-2016




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Grades K–5

Why do we have “Leap” years? When are these years observed?

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