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Home of the Huskies

Our school is named after the north end area of Vancouver, known as Salmon Creek.

We care about kids and their academic and social growth. We operate under three basic principles:

  • Be safe
  • Be respectful
Be responsible

Salmon Creek Elementary is an open-door school that encourages parent and community involvement. Come visit our school and you’ll find that it’s a great place! We are open to visitors, volunteers and parents 100 percent of the time and hold frequent family activities.

paw print

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports mission statement: At Salmon Creek, we will provide a safe, respectful and responsible environment in which all students have the opportunity to become positive leaders in their school and community.

Salmon Creek is a Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports school. PBIS is an approach for supporting students’ academic success by making schools safer and more supportive for all students. The Salmon Creek staff reinforces and recognizes students who are being safe, respectful and responsible at school. Students receive “paws-itives” (tickets) when they are observed meeting behavioral expectations.

All classrooms have a bucket where students turn in their “paws-itives.” Every Monday, teachers draw two names, and those students come to the office for a prize from the principal. Once per month, the “paws-itives” are collected and six students are selected in a school-wide drawing. Those six children earn sought-after prizes such as sitting in the principal’s chair for a day.

Our mission

The goal of our community is to guide, inspire and nurture each student toward academic excellence, critical and creative problem-solving and responsible citizenship.

Our vision: An innovative learning community collaborating to provide a solid foundation of future ready learning skills, knowledge and values; in the pursuit of excellence.

Our history

The first settlers came to the area in 1851, and residents constructed its first school in 1855. A larger school was built in 1877, followed by another—the Tenney school in 1894—to keep up with the growing population.

The Tenney school building was destroyed by a fire in 1924. In 1925, a new brick school was built at 134th Street and Highway 99. This school eventually consolidated with the Felida School in 1950 to form Felida-Salmon Creek District No. 116.

In 1954, that district consolidated with Vancouver School District and the school moved to a larger school building.

Other historic moments:

2003-2004 — Salmon Creek Elementary is rebuilt and dedicated.

January 2005 — Travis Hays 21st-Century Learning Center opens.

September 2005 — A recycling and composting program is implemented district-wide, after Salmon Creek and Chinook elementary schools help pilot the program the previous year.